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Four years ago I thought I had my life all planned out and knew what dreams I would be chasing after. Four years later, I have learned that sometimes the journey you created for yourself can be changed in an instant with one experience.

That experience happened the second semester of my freshman year at Central Michigan University, when I attended “Meet the Greeks” night with one of my best friends. At the time, I had no intention of joining Greek Life because in my mind I had that whole sorority thing figured out, but little did I know there WAS a sorority for me.

After meeting countless sisters who were down to earth, attending events for a couple months and taking way too long to decide to join after being extended my invitiation (also called a bid in Greek terms), I made the choice to start the new member process, as did my best friend in the chapter, who I will be thanking for the rest of my life, as joining Alpha Sigma Alpha was the best decision of my college career!

Today as a recent graduate of CMU, I am about to embark on the start of my public relations career, living out the dream that four years ago I could have never envisioned…. being a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters! Little did I know, throughout my college years, God was leading me down a journey that would be even more amazing than I could ever imagine and igniting a passion and endless love in me for an organization that I never saw myself becoming a part of.

Alpha Sigma Alpha allowed me to gain confidence, growth personally and professionally, connect on many different levels with women who will ALWAYS be my sisters forever and more than anything it helped me realize my potential AND MORE IMPORTANTLY how to help others find theirs :)When first joining my chapter, we were in the process of rebuilding and back then if someone would have told me the role that I would play alongside my sisters in that process, I would have been in awe (as I still am today). I have learned from that process, that you never really know how much something means to you until you are about to lose it.

Through finding what our chapter was made of, I found out a lot about myself, but more importantly I found out a ton about my sisters who are the women who have changed my life for the better, FOREVER. I can truly say that before joining Alpha Sigma Alpha, I never quite realized the impact that an organization could have on so many lives. Over these past four years, I heard and witnessed stories of how ASA saved the lives of so many of my sisters, whether it was from taking their life, feeling beautiful again, confronting issues they never had the courage or support to before, simply learning how it was to love and be loved, etc. Now having the opportunity to hear not only of how ASA impacted and saved lives of my own sisters, but of ones all around the country as I travel as a Leadership Consultant for the organization is something I cannot quite find the words to describe, but just thinking about it makes me feel a unique sense of empowerment!

So now that you know how much my new adventure means to me and a little bit of the background of how I ended up chasing after this dream, you are probabley wondering, how did I get this opportunity? AND what exactly does it mean to be a Leadership Consultant? Those would be excellent and understandable questions to have for sure, especially if you are not familiar with Greek Life. I will do my very best to define Greek terminology and anything else that may seem a bit confusing for all of you who are unfamiliar with Greek Life, as I remember how that was four years ago when first joining 🙂 So no worries!

HOW DID I GET THIS OPPORTUNITY? is a question I pose to myself almost daily as this is a blessing that I will be thanking God for, for the rest of my life! Throughout the past four years of building back up the chapter at my alma mater is seems that the roles I played in it alongside of my sisters corresponded amazingly with the roles of a Leadership Consultant (also known in short as an LC). However, being unsure of my credentials and if I would graduate in May due to an internship course needed, I was actually not going to apply at all, BUT then God showed up and provided something unexpected.

Our district facilitator who oversees all of the chapters of ASA in Michigan attended our 70th annual banquet back in November and she questioned why I had not applied yet. I was stunned by the fact that out of all the chapters and sisters she interacted with on a daily basis that she remembered me and even more flattering and humbling was the fact that she thought that I would be in her words “a perfect fit for the position” 🙂 After that revelation occurred that is where God continued to move in my life lining things up to make it possible for me to apply. He provided the chance for me to graduate in May by taking my internship class earlier than expected and in two weeks my life was changed FOREVER.

I had a phone interview that at the time and being my own worst critic I kept thinking of how it could have went better, but two days later I received a call from our enthusiastic Membership Development Coordinator asking me when I was coming to Headquarters? (At which I almost burst into happy tears and was close to dropping my phone due to my uncontainable excitement 🙂 ) What happened next is something I will never forget!

In that next month before going to National Headquarters I was showered and overwhelmed with love from all of my sisters and friends when it came to support, encouragement and their belief in me. If it had not been for all of them I can honestly say that I would not be about to take on this adventure and I will never be able to thank you all enough for the unconditional love, support, encouragement and belief you continue to carry for me 🙂 After my in person interview about a week later I found out that God answered my prayers and that some of his plan and a dream I desired had come true!

WHAT EXACTLY DOES IT MEAN TO BE A LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT? is something I had first hand experience of witnessing the first semester of my sophomore year, when one came to my chapter and then had the chance of experiencing twice more in the following semesters.

I found that she was a sister, who recently graduated from college who came to help out chapters who were struggling, whether it was with recruitment and retention of membership, financially, scholarship wise or due to a list of many other reasons. During her time at each chapter she visited, it was her responsibility to meet with each officer in the chapter to decide how to best go about taking steps to solve these issues. Then, she had the duty of compiling a report with all of her observations and from her meetings to send back to National Headquarters to fill them in on what was happening and being done to assess each issue. After a week or two of being with each chapter she would visit she never quite knew the effects of her visit, but it left the chapter and sisters in a better place then when she arrived 🙂 Seeing this role in action made me instantly interested and in complete awe of how one person could make such an impact and help so many!

As a Leadership Consultant, I am about to be traveling the country getting the chance to help out chapters who are struggling and doing my very best through LOVE and POSITIVITY to provide them help, HOPE and headquarters resources to turn things around because of their love for the organization and one another 🙂 I know this is a general description and I wish I could give more details, but I will not know more of what the position entails until a week from now when arriving in Indianapolis for training and some things I have to keep confidential, which is completely understandable 🙂

Hopefully I was able to answer any questions you had and provide insight regarding this new adventure I am beyond excited to take on 🙂

It is my hope that through the experiences I come across you are able to be moved to love people, love life and to love yourself, while realizing the impact that you can make everyday on the lives of others, through your own unique journey.

May today bring you an adventure of your own,


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