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“Take the opportunity to change someone’s opinion.”
-Ginny Carroll, Founder and CEO of inGiNuity


From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

Training Week #3- July 16-20

What life skills have you been equipped with through various individuals in your life to help you be the best you that you can be? Do all of these skills allow you to live out your values and beliefs?

Being able to have someone teach skills and techniques that will help cultivate lifelong success is a valuable experience that should never be taken for granted. It is the simplest of things that I believe often separates us from being one step closer to what we are trying to accomplish because far too often we try to do it without the help of others. However, if there has been anything I have had reiterated even more through this journey of being a Leadership Consultant and one that I will ALWAYS view as important, it is this: PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE.

Without the help from staff members presenting on various topics and providing their knowledge each week we would not grow, learn and realize how we can incorporate certain skills into our own lives. I feel that in order to teach others, you must first be willing to listen, learn and take advice from those around you. It has truly been an honor for me to have all the staff members working with all of us consultants on how to put into action our learning and educating us with life skills we will utilize far after our consultant days are finished.

This week we were presented with the knowledge and existence of the following FIVE life skills:

1. Being financially savvy

Aside from learning how to help chapters that we will be working with formulate realistic budgets for each semester depending on their needs and wants, we were given tools to help manage our money while on the road. By tracking more efficiently what I am spending my money on, I feel like I am becoming more financially responsible with my purchases and able to help others more J

2. Living out the ASA Brand

One of my most favorite memories from this week was learning from our Communications and Marketing Coordinator more about the background of our Alpha Sigma Alpha brand! It was amazing to see how the journey of rebranding started to produce the end result we see today! However, I learned that our brand can only be at its best when we are taking the time and making the effort to live it out on a daily basis. After all, you cannot stand for something and make others understand it more if you are not making it a part of your life. As someone passionate about public relations this part of training was very fascinating! Also, I am a firm believer that no matter what, all of us Greek brothers and sisters are ALWAYS wearing our letters and that our actions and attitude should at all times and in all places reflect our values and ideals that our founders worked so hard to establish. Ever wonder why some people do not have the best perception of Greek Life? A huge reason could be that they do not see enough of us living out what we stand for.

To learn more about the Alpha Sigma Alpha brand please visit:

3. A little bit goes a long way

I am a strong believer in the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation! Gaining knowledge on the ways in which it is helping sisters and chapters everywhere is truly extraordinary! There are scholarships awarded to sisters based on merit and assistance provided to chapters and the organization as a whole that is responsible for all of the educational programming that is put on each year. This programming is vital to helping our members in striving to live each of their days to its ultimate good J No donation is too small in helping this endeavor, which is why all of us Leadership Consultants decided to give back by making individual contributions of $5 per month to helping further the cause that is a backbone to education in our organization. After all, without many of the programs that it funds we would not all be the women we are today!k

To learn more about how the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation is providing impactful learning please visit:

4. Creating impact

Ever wonder what goes into big events? Well we had the chance to meet with our Event Coordinator to discuss the upcoming District Days and Leadership Development Institute event that will take place this year. She gave us a neat look into the day in the life of planning, preparation and execution of for these two major events! It was incredible to see how everything comes together to create an impactful experience for our members and volunteers J It made me in awe to see all of the skills and abilities necessary for putting on the best possible events we can!

To learn more about the events that Alpha Sigma Alpha provides its members please visit:


5. Kits to colonization, expansion and recruitment

I absolutely LOVE colonization, expansion and recruitment for a variety of reasons, but the most major one is because of the opportunity I know it will provide for women to find out who they are through learning, growth and sisterhood! Having the chance to flip through manuals and to see the process of all three of these major things and how they work is something I always only dreamed of. Plus knowing I will have the experience of seeing, hearing or being able to help with all three of these things is something I cannot quite put into words, except that I am definitely looking forward to it A LOT!


What were some life skills you were able to learn today through your job that will be utilized for years to come? Sometimes we can become so caught up in what we are doing that we forget to take the time to see how it not only impacts our lives professionally, but personally as well. I believe that the best kind of work is the type that allows you to find out more about who you are, as you are preparing or are helping others J

May today bring you an adventure of your own,


ASA Staff

ASA Staff

All the staff that passionately works hard and helps further ASA 🙂 It is still so surreal to me that I am now a part of that.

LC Photo Shoot

LC Photo Shoot

My Leadership Consultant Family and I had the chance to participate in a Greek Yearbook photoshoot that was TONS of fun!

My ASA Inspiration

My ASA Inspiration

Past National President and chapter sister Marianne Bullock and myself. She is my role model in Alpha Sigma Alpha and is the epitome of a woman who carries herself with poise and purpose.