The Power of Reflection

Have you ever taken the time to look back at an experience in your life? If so, what did that look like?

Reflection is a powerful gift. It allows us to travel to different times in our lives and gives us the opportunity to take in every detail of those memories. It allows us to delve deeper, learn lessons and realize our potential. Most of all, it provides the chance to learn about ourselves and others, which is a never ending journey!

Countless amazing places traveled to, meeting and getting to know hundreds of remarkable young women, visiting eleven unique chapters and serving one organization that continues to change lives everywhere brings me a reflection of a beautiful mosaic of memories and stories that will last for a lifetime. As I reflect, I find that trying to describe and fully put into words the last three months of being a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority is difficult. It is hard to do justice to an experience that has impacted my life and my heart in so many ways. Furthermore, it is hard to express a journey that I wish I had the opportunity to take every single one of you on with me. However, I will do my very best to recount memories, experiences and stories from each place and chapter that has changed my life for the better…forever.

As I look back at journal entries written on plane rides, during times before bed or in the early mornings, I realize even more that nothing could have prepared me for the ways God moved within my travels. It only takes one experience, one person or one common passion to change the course of your life. However, that change whether at the time we are fully able to grasp it or not has the power to impact beyond anything that we can try to imagine. For it is how we use, learn from or make a difference with that change that really matters.

It is my hope that over the next two weeks as I reflect on my journey over this past semester, that it will inspire you to reflect on the one that God has placed before you. For it is simple to get caught up in the chaos of life, but without taking the time to look back on where we have been, take in where we are in the present and envision our desires for the future, I believe we miss out on the opportunity to fully embrace the adventure that has become our own.

I look forward to finally getting the chance to share my time on the road with you all!


May today bring you an adventure of your own,



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