LC Photo Shoot

LC Photo Shoot

My Leadership Consultant Family and I had the chance to participate in a Greek Yearbook photoshoot that was TONS of fun!


My ASA Inspiration

My ASA Inspiration

Past National President and chapter sister Marianne Bullock and myself. She is my role model in Alpha Sigma Alpha and is the epitome of a woman who carries herself with poise and purpose.

Reunited :)

Reunited :)

Being able to see some of my chapter sisters experience their first convention was amazing!

“Celebrating Our Journey”

Training Week #2- July 9-13

Have you ever taken part in an event that united a group of people who were dedicated to a certain mission and purpose?

Just last week I was blessed to experience Alpha Sigma Alpha Convention in Virginia Beach, Virginia with 350 other sisters from across the nation. Convention is a HUGE bi-annual event that brings together collegians, volunteers and alumnae all in ONE place! During this event business meetings take place to discuss different aspects of the sorority, such as national bylaws, new partnerships and voting on amendments and certain issues by all the delegates takes place.

When I refer to delegates it signifies that one sorority sister from each chapter across the nation is in attendance to represent her entire chapter. Therefore, when voting that delegate represents the entire chapter’s voice on an issue, making it so that all chapters and their voices everywhere are heard.

After all, Alpha Sigma Alpha is what it is today because of the united efforts from every sister all over America! Our quote” Every member makes a difference” is most certainly true from the smallest of tasks to the more challenging ones!

This convention was the first one I have ever attended and without a doubt was filled with unforgettable experiences and moments! The following are my top FIVE moments from this past week being in attendance as staff to help make the experience of sisters impactful:

1. Meeting National Council, volunteers and collegian sisters from all over America!

There is absolutely nothing that compares to having the chance to get to know sisters from all walks of life and who are involved in every part of the organization. By being able to come across sisters in many different areas of the organization I was inspired, in awe, learned a lot from hearing their own experiences, especially ones told from past leadership consultants and most of all witnessed the incredible sisterhood that is at the heart of Alpha Sigma Alpha. It was truly incredible to meet sisters who had attended over 20 conventions together and to see the passion they have and continue to carry for Alpha Sigma Alpha.

2. Seeing excellence and dedication awarded

Being able to witness collegians and volunteers receive recognition for their hardworking efforts and their drive to further Alpha Sigma Alpha was beyond inspirational! Through viewing this it made me see our open motto “Aspire. Seek. Attain” in action. It also made me realize that these chapters were working to carry on the legacies left to them by their alumnae sisters, which is something that is extraordinary to view!

3. Taking in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my Leadership Consultant Family

I am very blessed to be working with phenomenal women of poise and purpose in regards to the other Leadership Consultants and they without a doubt have become like another family for me. From the car ride to all the hard work we put in during the week as well as getting a chance to take in the beach and other sights I could not have imagined getting the opportunity to take it all in without them! The trip provided us a chance to get to know each other on an even deeper level, yielded LOTS of inside jokes and there was not a day that went by that we did not have fun together! Every time I think back to convention each of them are in a memory or experience I had J

4. Getting the chance to help out and be a part of staff

Convention was a time of working together and helping out in any way possible. As a part of the Alpha Sigma Alpha staff I had the chance to work creating everything behind the scenes, whether it was assisting with backdrops, lighting, set up and take down of rooms or relaying messages from one person to another I felt like I was making a difference in the experience of all the sisters. Aside from that, it was great getting to know staff more and to see all of their hard work come together. The ideas and creativity that is within them all blows me away!

5. Witnessing the official unveiling of our “Girls on the Run” partnership

I was truly honored to be able to see Molly Barker, Founder and CEO of Girls on the Run speak at our philanthropic luncheon about how the partnership between her organization and Alpha Sigma Alpha would continue furthering the mission and purpose that she set out to. Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization that helps young women intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically to become well rounded, much like ASA helps its members. Being able to partner with this organization that encompasses and aligns with so many of our values and ideals was truly an exciting moment! Molly’s speech empowered us all to remember to ALWAYS love one another and to be a mentor whenever possible to young women everywhere! It was a beautiful speech that carried a heavy impact along with many ways of application in our lives. Knowing the way that this partnership will affect young women POSITIVELY, especially in regards to healthy body image makes me ecstatic!


Convention provided a time for learning, meeting more sisters, reflection and a glimpse into what is to come over this next year and beyond. Even more it made me feel even more blessed to be a part of something that has and continues to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere! 

My hope is that you will wake up every morning inspired to make a difference in the lives of others and that through doing that you will see how even the simplest steps of your journey carry impact beyond what you could ever imagine!

For more information about how we are partnering with Girls on the Run to make a difference in the lives of young women everywhere please visit:


May today bring you an adventure of your own,


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My Leadership Consultant Family

My Leadership Consultant Family

At Headquarters just beginning our adventure! I will be introducing my LC family in a post to come 🙂 They are AMAZING women so get ready to LEARN a lot from them because I definitely have!